Friday, September 5, 2008

.22 Luger

This is a .22 Luger that our grandpa gave to us. It was made in America and sold to Germany during WWII. Officiers used it, except in the war, they used 9mm. This is a remake that is the exact same gun except it is a .22.

Originally the Luger was made by an American, in America, but the Americans weren't interested in buying it. He brought it to Germany and sold it there.

We (me and my dad) are just about ready to go out to a shooting range.

Shooting the luger had less kickback than I thought and the shells went farther than I thought. The clip holds ten bullets and jams occassionally but usually only when you fire too fast.


Sherry said...

That was really interesting Alexander! It's neat that you have an old gun like that and know the history behind it. I think it's neat to that you and your dad go shooting together.

Have a great day!
Aunt Sherry

Sara said...

That's pretty cool. Good facts about the gun, and the video was awesome.

I'm glad you had fun!

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