Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alexander license plate

Picture of me by a license plate that says, "Alexander"


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the quality time you spent with the boys. They had such a great time. I appreciate you allowing them the chance to see your room. While we were there Levi mentioned that going into your room and you talking to him about your guns and bow were his favorite thing for that day. Leo was thrilled that you allowed him to touch and play with your Lego's on our last day there. They both were thrilled that you shared your favorite things with them. I was touched by your gentleness with the boys and the respect and love you showed your mom while we were there. You are a creative and kind spirit Alexander. Thanks! I love you. --Aunt Stacey

Grandma Carol said...

Hi Alexander,
I enjoy reading and seeing the pictures on you blog. Since we don't talk to on the phone too much, this gives me a chance to see what you are doing! Besides, it would be hard to tell me some of the things that I can see from you photos, such as what the WWII re-enactment looked like. Thanks for sharing it with me. Love, Carol

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